Testimonial: Haitham El-Haddad, M.D.

Haitham El-Haddad, M.D.

I did both my residency and fellowship here in Wayne State University and the Detroit Medical Center. From the moment I did my first MICU rotation as a resident in Detroit Receiving Hospital, I felt that this is the specialty I wanted to practice and continue my fellowship training at this Institution. The reason I made that choice was the extent, the volume, and the variety of the pathology that I have seen and how much I had learned in one rotation.

During my calls as a fellow, I had both the autonomy as well as adequate supervision with the attending staff in the division who were always a phone call away, which made me feel in command and has bolstered my confidence over the last three years.

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Below in a listing of the Pulmonary & Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Fellows:

Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellows

  • Abdulrazak Alchakaki
  • Azzat Ali
  • Samer Alsamman
  • Ihab Al Shelli
  • Nassar Al-Zubaidi
  • Ravinder Bhanot
  • Dedrick Bowe
  • Karan Chugh
  • Haitham El-Haddad
  • Rohit Gupta
  • Amaraja Kanitkar
  • Omar Khorfan
  • Sunil Konduri
  • Chaitanya Mandapakala
  • Peter Sabbagh
  • Purnachander Vangala
  • Mohammad Zaheerullah

Sleep Fellows

  • Abdullahi Ahmed
  • Mohammad Al-Ali
  • Deane Franso
  • Ahmed Qadir
  • Walid Tanyous