Testimonial: Haitham El-Haddad, M.D.

Haitham El-Haddad, M.D.I did both my residency and fellowship here in Wayne State University and the Detroit Medical Center. From the moment I did my first MICU rotation as a resident in Detroit Receiving Hospital, I felt that this is the specialty I wanted to practice and continue my fellowship training at this Institution. The reason I made that choice was the extent, the volume, and the variety of the pathology that I have seen and how much I had learned in one rotation.

During my calls as a fellow, I had both the autonomy as well as adequate supervision with the attending staff in the division who were always a phone call away, which made me feel in command and has bolstered my confidence over the last three years.

Our program provides a warm, healthy, rich educational experience, including:

  • Experience gained in Detroit Receiving Hospital and Harper University Hospital, managing all cases that can be seen in any MICU nationwide ranging from toxicology cases, shock patients of different types, respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation, multi-organ dysfunction, as well as Neuro-critical patients ranging from brain surgeries to intracranial bleeds and refractory status epileptics.
  • Experience gained in Karmanos Cancer Institute in managing bone marrow transplant patients with all kinds of critical care illnesses.  This gave me the ability to formulate very comfortably and accurately a plan of care for such immune compromised patients.
  • Experience gained in pulmonary: General pulmonary clinics as well as subspecialty clinics including Sarcoidosis, ILD, Pulmonary Hypertension, Thoracic Oncology, Lung Nodules, and Cystic Fibrosis.  I am currently an expert performing regular bronchoscopies as well as EBUS.

Now, five years later from making this decision, I am currently a third-year pulmonary/critical care fellow.  I am happy about the choice I made to stay here for fellowship. I am now very comfortable and confident dealing with any case because of all that I have done in my fellowship.